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One-touch technology – a breakthrough of 4.0 revolution

Connecting, exchanging with the world with just a touch of hand only seems in fiction movies has gradually existed in today’s life. An ever-growing life requires people to act more quickly and accurately. This is the driving force behind the … Read More

Intelligent analysis in security monitoring

The need to analyze video content is increasingly diversified, leading to the introduction of a series of new features for cameras, bringing many utilities and applications to customers, and demonstrating the potential of the current video monitoring market. Video analysis … Read More

What are VR and AR? What’s the difference?

What are AR and VR? We have heard and witnessed a lot of VR – AR related concepts/products. However, for many people, these two technologies are still quite vague and difficult to distinguish. 1. What is AR? What is VR? … Read More

Fingerprint scanning on the screen promises to flourish thanks to this innovation from Qualcomm

Many manufacturers have started to apply fingerprint sensors hidden under the screen, but this technology is still limited so it is difficult to develop. Vivo can be considered as the first manufacturer to release phones using fingerprint sensor technology hidden … Read More

Telemedicine Clinical Guidelines

Based on over 600 studies, the AMA has put together a comprehensive set of guidelines for professionals using telemedicine in primary and urgent care – a field that is quickly adopting telemedicine to expand basic healthcare access. Here are some … Read More

Newtel supported 108 Hospital at the inauguration of the most modern medical treatment building in Vietnam

On December 17th, 108 Hospital inaugurated and put into use the most modern medical treatment building in Vietnam. The work contributes to the performance of a special hospital in medical examination and treatment for senior officials of the Party, State, … Read More

Newtel Connect – Video conferencing for Businesses

Videoconferencing helps businesses not only saving money but also increasing competitiveness. Businesses which maintain a tight budget, especially small businesses, when there’s a financial downturn, it hits companies harder. According to the annual Microsoft SMB/Partner Insight Report, businesses focused on … Read More

Military Hospital 4 directed surgery through Newtel’s Telemedicine

On November 25th, 2018, at the An Bang Island Clinic (Spratly Islands), a patient needed emergency medical treatment due to appendicitis. This is a difficult, complex operation that requires professional support from the mainland. But the island is too far … Read More

Newtel recorded the surgery of the Orthopedic Association in Ha Tinh, Vietnam

On 26/10/2018, the 17th Annual Scientific Meeting of Vietnam Orthopedic Association was held in Ha Tinh. The main point of the conference was orthopedic trauma surgeries performed by top doctors. Newtel recorded live surgery from the operating room to the … Read More

How Telemedicine can be used & What services can be provided

How telemedicine can be used You might know what telemedicine is, but how are telemedicine systems actually delivered? What kinds of technology allows digital connections between a provider at a large hospital and a patient in a remote, rural home? With the … Read More