Fingerprint scanning on the screen promises to flourish thanks to this innovation from Qualcomm

Many manufacturers have started to apply fingerprint sensors hidden under the screen, but this technology is still limited so it is difficult to develop.

Vivo can be considered as the first manufacturer to release phones using fingerprint sensor technology hidden on the screen. Later, this technology was followed by Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus and several other Chinese phone carriers. Although creating a quite high technology for the product, but unlocking by a fingerprint on the screen is still limited, such as users can only press at certain locations, press with more force than usual, … it is still quite inconvenient compared to the current face or 1-touch fingerprint unlocking method.

However, these disadvantages promise to be overcome by Qualcomm. The world’s leading mobile chip manufacturer has announced fingerprint sensor technology hidden in the screen, using ultrasound to improve speed and security, making the technology more popular.

Now, thanks to ultrasound, the device can create 3D models of fingers instead of relying on thumb images. This makes it harder to fake fingerprints to unlock the phone, while real owners can easily open it even when their fingers get wet or sweat.

In addition, ultrasound can move through a variety of materials including glass or metal, plastic, thereby opening the possibility for manufacturers to place “hidden fingerprints” anywhere on the device, whether screen or back.

Qualcomm has not announced any partners that will apply the technology first but will likely be Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10.

According to market research firm IHS Markit, about 100 million phones are expected to use hidden fingerprint sensors in 2019.


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