Intelligent analysis in security monitoring

The need to analyze video content is increasingly diversified, leading to the introduction of a series of new features for cameras, bringing many utilities and applications to customers, and demonstrating the potential of the current video monitoring market.

Video analysis trend

In the past, video image analysis was prioritized only for fields that required high levels of security such as military, epidemiological. Nowadays, video image analysis has evolved into a general trend of the world, not only to collect security-related information, but also to provide valuable data to users in the form of statistical reports. These reports provide useful information to improve the marketing, business and final destination strategies of increasing profits for businesses.

In order to improve the efficiency of video analysis, the core factor is to improve the camera’s processing capability, allowing more objects to be observed and images with more depth. The image analysis feature records all details such as size, object, speed, travel direction, etc. In the case of limited bandwidth and remote monitoring locations, the camera image analysis feature provides exceptional performance without the need to invest in additional servers, saving costs. In addition, advanced image analysis features can also create metadata for future exploitation and use purposes.

Today, the utility that manufacturers bring to customers is not only a security monitoring system but also a solution for extracting data related to sales, marketing, even including both inventory control. Therefore, for technology solution providers, improving the processing capability and camera memory allows them to access and introduce products to more customers than before.

The more image monitoring solutions available in the market, the easier it is for users to compare and evaluate their accuracy, thereby adding criteria to consider and select products between security monitoring system providers. The more useful data is obtained from the camera, the more likely it is that users will increase their investment in the surveillance system. In addition, video surveillance also penetrates into the commercial sector and is gradually viewed as a kind of normal business operation cost. This promises many organizations and businesses that will increase investment in security monitoring systems regardless of their tight budget.

The development of new camera features

The development of security cameras has broken long-standing stereotypes about “passive security tools”. Currently, cameras are used not only for security monitoring and evaluation but also for real-time asset protection and image analysis capabilities. Advanced information processing capability in new-generation devices with the introduction of 4K image standard has positive effects in monitoring implementation. 4K resolution IP camera provides high-quality images supports the ability to analyze more in the surveillance area, deploy more effectively and reduce the risk of errors.

There are quite many high-resolution cameras on the market today, such as 10-Megapixel Fisheye (Fisheye) camera for 10-Megapixel resolution image (3648 x 2736) in Fisheye mode, or panoramic image (Panorama) has a 5-Megapixel resolution (2592 x 1944), allowing for more reliable and accurate image analysis. In addition, the most advanced in-camera image sensor now offers the ability to adjust light, to help capture a clear image in lower-light conditions than before, providing more pixels. with 4K technology and also supports centralized image analysis.

Camera application of 4K technology with advanced image analysis feature can be used in many different areas, supporting high-quality images to protect people and assets and provide more tools process of improving production and business activities. Especially, in large areas such as stadiums, casinos,… 4K cameras are the ideal choice thanks to the ability to enlarge images well, provide details of situations and monitor possible individuals potentially dangerous in crowded areas.

The ability to detect motion, warning in the wrong direction, in the forbidden area … of 4K camera is very suitable for places with open space, wide floor area such as airport stations, warehouses, stations, terminals car. In the retail market, camera features such as counting people, supporting heatmap setups (recognizing the most frequently stopped and focused customer locations) will help businesses understand more about consumer behavior, further open opportunities to promote and optimize business operations for businesses.

In addition, there must be advanced automatic tracking. This is a combination of intelligent image analysis and traditional motion detection, which can be deployed for high-end cameras with wide viewing angles. The camera automatically monitors and triggers alerts based on previously set settings when detecting an object’s movement in view.

Many new applications and utilities for users

When applied to the retail market, with advanced image analysis capabilities, modern security cameras today not only monitor images but also provide many theft prevention utilities and video evidence through the collection of other information … Retailers have been beginning to take advantage of these utilities to gather a variety of useful business data.

For example, the camera can provide heatmap to determine where customers stay the longest, the directions of travel installs and areas with the most concentrated visitors. When the payment area is overloaded, the manager can also receive a warning from the camera to have the task of rotating more suitable personnel.

Camera systems are increasingly improved by owning advanced image processing technology and intelligent image analysis capabilities, giving users more valuable information from the observation area, such as gender, movement, time customers stop at the counter or analyze the behavior of the objects to observe.

Image analysis can help improve business performance for businesses with visual reports. Besides that, image analysis includes the function of counting people in and out, which is very helpful for statistical work.

Types of popular image analysis:

  • The camera will monitor, record the image and send a warning to the supervisor when detecting that the object enters and stops a certain time in the restricted area.
  • Detecting strange objects that appear/disappear in the surveillance area. The camera will send a warning signal to the supervisor by monitoring the popup, sending an email with the camera image or activating an alarm when an unknown object suddenly disappears/appears in the area is zoned to focus on monitoring.
  • Detect and record any impact that affects or loses the camera’s ability to monitor such as camera navigation, loss of focus, lens shielding or worse, spraying on the lens.
  • Image analysis provides better, more accurate security monitoring with fewer false alerts. Today, heatmap utilities are not only applied to retail businesses but are also used in large corporations to better manage employees. In areas that require high levels of security such as high-tech biological facilities, we can use directional analyzes to manage employee mobility and warn inappropriate behaviors.


Video surveillance solutions are changing rapidly with high-resolution images and advanced analytical capabilities, providing users with more useful and intuitive data.


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