Newtel Mobile Station


Healthcare delivery is often restricted due to location or availability. Population in rural areas around the globe are suffering from low access care. Specialists are too far from patients and care clinics are unable to keep up with the demand. Mobile medical carts bridge the gap between patient and specialists allowing for improved healthcare.

Newtel Mobile Station is a mobile system that allows direct and interactive two-way video transmission between the operating room or the clinic with the meeting room. This is an integrated system for telemedicine, which includes centralized processing of videos in the operating room and then sends to the diagnostic/meeting room through Internet or LAN.

Features of Newtel  Mobile Station


High-quality video calls between endpoints

icon_3G 4G

Flexible connectivity: 3G/4G, Internet, VPN

icon-multiple devices

Source Infomation: Receive image and video signals from multiple medical devices


Recording while interaction.


High Mobility: it can move anywhere if you need


Durable and Strong

Why Newtel Mobile Station ?


Increase the health-care quality to every patients


Easy to move between clinics, hospital. Easy to use, faster diagnostic


Useful for many various situation: surgery, emergency aid, examine


Save time, save cost of hospitals, clinics and patients