Newtel recorded the surgery of the Orthopedic Association in Ha Tinh, Vietnam

On 26/10/2018, the 17th Annual Scientific Meeting of Vietnam Orthopedic Association was held in Ha Tinh. The main point of the conference was orthopedic trauma surgeries performed by top doctors. Newtel recorded live surgery from the operating room to the hall at Ha Tinh General Hospital.

After presenting the lectures at the conference, the experts conducted three patients with surgery: knee replacement, shoulder joint resection, and robotic spine surgery. In order to transfer the surgery directly to other doctors outside the operation room, Newtel recorded the whole procedure with the following equipment:

  • Full knee replacement surgery:
    • 01 panoramic camera: panoramic operation
    • 01operating area camera: close-up operation.
  • Robot surgery:
    • 01 panoramic camera: panoramic operation
    • 01 operating area camera: close-up operation
    • 01 mobile camera: steps of preparing the robot, deploy the robot, taken C-arm,
  • Endoscopic surgery:
    • 01 panoramic camera: panoramic operation
    • Extract images from the endoscope

Newtel technician worn a full camera

A doctor was configuring on the robot

The surgeon used a camera to record directly manipulations during surgery

Close-up operation

Record from the camera with HD quality, clear sound, live broadcasts helps doctors outside the operating room also monitor as well as those inside, gaining new knowledge and valuable experience. These operations will also be documented as teaching materials for future generations.

At present, the condition of the traumatized patients is very diverse and complicated due to high age, traffic accidents, occupational accidents, and accidents happen more and more. There are many cases that need first aid at local hospitals before moving to central hospitals. This requires medical staff to be trained, improve their ability to diagnose and treat correctly.

After the conference, Newtel would like to bring video conferencing and telemedicine solution to Ha Tinh. Doctors now don’t have to attend conferences, seminars or workshop regularly, they can use Newtel Video Conferencing instead. Our solution will be a great opportunity for the team of orthopedic doctors to be trained remotely or to monitor online operations from specialists, in order to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment for patients.

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