Newtel Remote Patient Monitoring

Newtel Remote Patient Monitoring Solution provide tools to connecting between patients and nurses, doctors and health facilities. Newtel’s solution are based on newest technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT. NewTel’s solution contributes to raise the awareness of patients about their own health, thereby improving the quality of community medical, reducing the rate of hospitalization/re-hospitalization, saving cost for the Government, Insurance and Patient.

Newtel Remote Patient Monitoring Solution can be used in:

  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Treatment of chronic diseases
  • Management of using drug
  • Online examination/re-examination

Features of Newtel Remote Patient Monitoring

Collecting and Sharing Infomation

Use personal medical devices to mesure and send parameters to doctor.

Schedule and examination online

Schedule and examination online based on HD video conference technology


Interactive Portal

Visual application interface, easy to use, update in real time


Analytics and Alert

Collect information, analytics and alert to patient and doctor based on thresholds for each or group patient

Why use Newtel Remote Patient Monitoring Solution?


Provision and store information


Update information anytime anywhere


Examination anytime anywhere


Provide realtime connection


Saving time and cost

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Improve the quality of health care