Newtel provided telemedicine system to island Military Hospitals

On December 28th – 29th , 2017, at the Military Hospitals and the Infirmaries (which was invested Telemedicine system), NewTel technicians have trained, guide doctors to use and operate the Telemedicine system.

Pursuant to the Ministry of Defense’s Official Dispatch No. 2798/HDNTDA-QY dated November 24th, 1977, announcing the test results of the project: “Building Telemedicine system connecting floating islands in Truong Sa with military hospitals” conducted by Newtel, as well as the training needs of the Military Hospitals  that have been invested by the Telemedicine system, The General Staff has approved the additional training plan on the management, use and operation of the Military Telemedicine system.

The purpose of the training program:

– To train the contingent of professional staff to use proficiently, operate quickly, handle well the situations in use as a basis for improving the quality of medical examination and treatment of patients with disabilities via the Telemedicine system.

– Equipping staff to use and operate the system of new knowledge, regulations and processes in management.

Participants include the The General Staff (The Chairman); The medical staffs of the Military Hospitals and the island hospitals (Sinh Ton Dong, Son Ca, Phan Vinh, An Bang, Truong Sa Dong).

In two training sessions, NewTel technicians went from theory to practice.

First session: Introduction Telemedicine system overview, installation instructions, configuration, software manual, system administration and operation.

Second session: Practice connecting equipment, connecting equipment invested in hospitals into Telemedicine (fixed desktop and portable device), session connection from the hospital to the infirmary (assuming there are cases of emergency patients outside the island need to seek guidance from the Military Hospital).

The NewTel certificate is issued to the officers who took part in the course


The training program has met the requirements set out in the plan as well as the actual requirements of the participants, helping them to use the expertise, management and good functioning Telemedicine system, bring the highest results in medical examination and treatment for the army and people on the island.


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