Newtel TeleRadiology


Understanding the importance of improving the quality of health care for the community, Newtel developed the TeleRadiology system for diagnostic and therapeutic remote treatment support.

Newtel TeleRadiology involves transmitting a patient’s X-rays, CT scans, MRIs from one or many sites to central hospital. It offers DICOM-format medical imaging applications viewer and returns diagnostic results over the Internet.

Features of Newtel TeleRadiology



Integrated some tool such as: Videoconference, Chat



SMS notification for radiologist to diagnose when have a request from one site.



Dicom Modality Support (CT, MR, US, DX, RT, XA, OT, SC)


DICOM files and format 

Supports the following DICOM files and format ( Implicit Little Endian, Explicit Little Endian, JPEG, JPEG-LS, JPEG 2000 Transfer Syntaxes)

icon results


Results saved in PDF, DOC format with templates.


Image Display

Web Based Viewing with high quality image and certifications (FDA Cleared, CE class I, CE class II)

Why Newtel TeleRadiology?

icon -zero cost

ZERO Installation Cost

We handle initial setup, connectivity and training at no extra charge.

icon-turn report

Fast Turn Around of Reports

Delivery of quality reports in the agreed time for normal,emergency reports.

icon-24 7

Service 24 Hours Every Day

Our services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

icon-install support

Technical Support and Installation

Technology support and installation of image routing software at sending facility.

icon-easy workflow

Easy Workflow

Everything is very clear and simple

icon-access to report

Access to Reports

Our reports are accessible anytime from desktops, laptops.

icon hardware requirement

Hardware Requirements

Prompt study loading: don‘t need a powerful computer. Recommend CPU Dual Core; Ram: 2GB

icon-multiple users

Multiple User

Administrator can create and delegate users permissions to access at each site.