Video Analytics platform based on

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Vehicle identification

Alarm detection

Audio recognition

Multiple camera tracking

Object classification

Your Private Cloud

1 000 000+ users

1 000 000+ cameras

1 000 000+ gigabytes

Big Data

Global search across thousands of locations

Facet filters

Unlimited search lists of humans and vehicles




Using the most advanced image analytics technology

Alert events, threats to operator in real-time

Easily centralized management of large-scale security system


Provide fast video search engine in metadata


Newtel Vertical Solutions

Newtel offers various service packages for different types of customers

Office Building

AI-based video surveillance and alarm monitoring for  safety and security in office building.


Alert immediately whenever have something suspicious. Prevent theft from outside or right inside home


Public safety and infrastructure management for airport.

Gas Stations

Station safety and security, fuel fraud prevention, license plate recognition

Critical Infrastructure

Counter-terrorism and crime prevention for critical facilities.

Retail Chains

Visitor traffic analysis, sale conversion, and fraud prevention in stores and food courts.

Sport Venues

Biometric face recognition for stadium entrances and overall security.


Infrastructure security, fraud prevention, business audits.

Transport Security

Public safety and infrastructure management for rapid transit, such as subway and long distance railway.

Monitoring Stations

Increasing the operator productivity, intelligent remote video monitoring, alarm management, remote site arming and disarming.