New-Telecom Video conference

New-Telecom Video conference solution are based on the legacy solution of the world’s leading conglomerate in the video conferencing industry. New-Telecom solutions help optimize the cost of investment with large scale deployment, and help solve traditional barriers such as investment, operating and compatibility between other conference systems.

New-Telecom video conference system can be applied in the following areas:

  • Online conference, shifts
  • E-learning
  • Telemedicine: Patients can receive medical examinations, diagnosis and even indirect surgery from medical professionals
  • Live TV event
  • Jobs and fields require the exchange of information, images, sounds in real time.

Currently, New-Telecom’s video conference system has been running as a service, here.

Features of New-Telecom video conference

Video call

High-quality video calls between endpoints

Chat, comment

Exchange of information between individuals at different demand levels.

Custom layouts

Many forms of visual representation of the participants.


Record important information quickly and accurately.

Control meeting

The host controls the meeting component, the right to speak, the display in the meeting


Schedule a meeting in advance, emailing to participants.


Presentation documents, images or tables, etc.


Customizable functions on demand

Advantages of New-Telecom video conference

  • Image quality up to FullHD
  • Support different endpoints (PC, Laptop, Smartphone) on the WebRTC platform (Mac, Wins, Linux) and App (Android, iOS)
  • Software solutions: no limits on hardware as traditional solutions, updated with new features and standards, and the trend of the future.
  • Virtualization platform: Flexible deployment, stability, and high availability when deployed in the datacenter
  • Extend flexibility required by the unit, deployment on all network infrastructure (Internet, 3G / 4G, data)
  • Easy to manage, use
  • Distributed architecture: Deploy virtual meeting rooms at any location or time, saving bandwidth between different locations.
  • Compatible with hard and soft endpoints , SIP / H.323 standards, H.264 standard, …
  • Ability to customize functions, interface as required by the customers
  • High security with SSL / TLS, VPN, 128-bit AES

Why New-Telecom video conference?


You can talk to your partner or colleague at any time, anywhere. Performance will increase from 150-200%


Traveling and organizing meetings will cost a lot of room and board costs. Online meetings will cut costs down


Online meetings completely solve the problem of time and weather for you. Increased efficiency, no pasting of work


Online conferencing is not just for desktop meetings but can also be used for a variety of purposes and events