What are VR and AR? What’s the difference?

What are AR and VR? We have heard and witnessed a lot of VR – AR related concepts/products. However, for many people, these two technologies are still quite vague and difficult to distinguish.

1. What is AR? What is VR?

VR (Virtual Reality): VR technology (through integrated products and tools) will bring you to another world! Where you are alone with all the virtual components, built from hardware applications/devices and of course, they are not real.

However, VR will always bring a very real feeling and can fool your brain.

For example, You may not know how to swim, but you can still see creatures under the ocean like you are diving and stand close to them. You can explore an Egyptian pyramid, walking in the Amazon jungle although still be in the room,…

AR (Augmented Reality) is a little different! Although the background is still virtual products (like the application), it has a mechanism and how it works based on reality.

For example, Pokémon Go game is a virtual game but the coordinates of the gamer and the map in it are based on reality. In conclusion:

AR is a technology that enables the integration of virtual information into the real world (and vice versa), which helps users interact with digital content in reality (like touching, covering objects up – it’s like combining photos in 3D), …

2. What’s the difference between VR and AR?

When discussing the differences between AR and VR, we will have many aspects to say, such as definition, usage or use, etc. However, in my opinion, the easiest way to distinguish is to look at the application of they are in fact (solving the question: What are they used for?)

According to information from ANDROIDPIT source, VR will be a golden technology for developing games and movies (for experience – especially discoveries, horror) – as entertainment products.

Because of the advantage of real/virtual separation, bringing users to a new context, producers are easy to conquer them, make customers follow what they have programmed and wish they saw! And yet, VR’s application also helps people create and trade in virtual space! For example, you make a project to build an apartment, even if the house has not completed but the guests want to see it and want to try it, then a pair of glasses such as Samsung Gear VR will replace the drawing to meet guests’ wishes.

And for AR, thanks to the blending of virtual reality, this technology can help people create 2-in-1 environments without spending time or money! Specifically: When a car manufacturer has just launched a product, they can invite partners to watch and give each person a couple of business examples. At that time, they just needed to complete a simple prototype and then let the guests choose colors, stamps, logo positions, … and then unify ideas, mass production.

From: thegioididong.com

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